I was born and raised in a foggy river valley in Appalachia. I live there still with my partner, son, three dogs, two cats, and some snakes in an old old house. By day I’m a librarian, mostly as a means to not have to return books on time. By night, I’m a troublemaker, mostly.

I actually wanted to grow up to be a vampire and the first time I chose on my own what I wanted to be for Halloween it was Count Dracula. The Count was so charming and well-dressed; he could mesmerize people with his eyes, turn into a bat and hang out with wolves. What’s not to like? Later, I would decide against vampirism. Drinking blood didn’t seem to be up my alley. Witches were pretty damned hip, too, though, and what’s more the ones I saw in the movies were always women- women who were cool, reserved, and powerful; silently laughing at the fussiness of the dreary normal folk who thought life was nothing but drudgery and denial.

My spirituality came from an innate longing for multiple goddesses and gods and the experience of diverse spirit-life all around me when others in my life and the broader culture insisted there was one god who was definitely a man, who was perpetually angry, and that spirits belonged in the pages of fairy tales.

My politics (in a rather simplified pared-down view) came from the early understanding that the Earth is innately valuable wholly apart from what can be extracted or owned, a love of diversity, the acceptance that people are allowed to believe and do as they please so long as it hurts no one else, and a feeling that a world with everyone looking, acting, and believing the same is pretty damned boring.

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